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High Conflict Divorce and its Impact on Children

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lydia at Mix 92.6 for their Parents Show broadcast during which we discussed two really interesting topics:

  • How to navigate a high conflict divorce; and
  • The impact of conflict on children during divorce

Most divorces involve a level of tension and disagreement, but divorces which are considered ‘high conflict’ are different. They are often characterised by features such as coercive and controlling behaviour, narcissism, emotional abuse and financial control.

In my first interview with Lydia we unpicked these issues and discussed the ways in which the negative impact of a high conflict divorce can be mitigated. We talked about the importance of support networks, taking early legal advice, divorce coaches and innovations such as co-parenting apps. 

In my second chat with Lydia, we delved into the impact of conflict on children during divorce. It is now known that it is not divorce itself that has a long term effect on children, but prolonged exposure to conflict.  We discussed the ways in which conflict affects children of different ages, how their emotions might manifest in outward behaviours, and what support is available to minimise the impact of conflict on children of all ages.

We ended on a positive note, discussing the fact that children are resilient and more often than not are able to accept their parents’ divorce or separation and look to the future with optimism.

Listen to my first interview here:

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