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Collaborative Law

In Spring 2020, I was delighted to complete my collaborative law training with Resolution in London. This means that Rayden Solicitors now has three fully qualified collaborative solicitors, as my colleagues Partner Paula Butterworth and Legal Director March Etherington are also qualified.

Collaborative law offers a more holistic approach to resolving family disputes than other methods. It offers the opportunity to find more creative and flexible solutions than might come out of formal legal proceedings and allows couples to focus on the issues that are really important to them rather than the issues that a court might prioritise.

Financial and children issues alike can be resolved in the collaborative process, and participants have found that it can lead to sounder, longer lasting solutions without the need to attend court.

Collaborative law can also help separating couples stay on more amicable terms.

As part of the collaborative process, each party retains their solicitor, but instead of solicitors writing letters on the issues that arise, both parties come together with their legal representatives, meeting face-to-face to negotiate and discuss the issues. Collaborative meetings can take place remotely via video. The ultimate aim is to reach an agreement around the table, finding a solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the couple.

I am very excited to have qualified as a collaborative solicitor, as this is a creative and adaptable process which puts clients and their children at its heart.

If you would like to discuss the collaborative process further, please contact me. I am part of a collaborative pod called the ‘We Can Work it Out’ pod. This is a group of fellow collaborative solicitors who are also fully committed to this process and meet regularly for training and other events.

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