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Julian Bremner specialises in medium to high value matrimonial cases. He is a qualified financial Arbitrator. This means that Julian is qualified to determine financial disputes between parties as a quicker and often more cost effective alternative to court proceedings. Julian also deals regularly with Civil Partnership disputes, cohabitation disputes, separation agreements, pre nuptial agreements and additional financial provision for children of unmarried parents.

Julian takes a pragmatic approach to each and every case. He is skilled at understanding his clients’ objectives, reviewing their case, and quickly asserting a workable strategy. It is this approach which assists his clients achieve their objectives, which is increasingly to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement.

His experience at conducting trials helps him to focus on client objectives and the end result, as well as dealing with barristers in preparation of his clients’ cases. This experience is invaluable in his role as financial Arbitrator.

Committed to supporting his profession, Julian is a regular contributor to professional periodicals such as the Family Law Journal and the Family Law Newsletter; covering a broad range of legal issues.

Julian is a member of Resolution, of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators.

Julian heads our Hampstead and London Bridge offices.

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Julian is supported by Michelle Sparrow. Email Michelle.

Julian is also very aware of the detrimental impact divorce and separation can have on his clients, particularly men. He has been working with eminent psychologist and psychotherapist Dr Tarun Pamneja to create a bespoke clinical programme, The Man Mind Journey Planner, specifically designed for men, which aims to help them deal with their relationship breakdown and the strains of the legal side of divorce proceedings. The Man Mind Journey Planner is available to anyone who needs it, not just clients of Rayden Solicitors.

Click on the image or here to view the Man Mind Journey Planner or click here to view a mobile version.

Julian, as always you have been amazing! Thank you so very much for all your help and advice.

Client on Julian

Julian, I am grateful for your help, guidance, expertise and support.

Client on Julian

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice. You offered me some very wise words at the start of the divorce process, which really stood me in good stead. Thanks.

Client on Julian

Thank you for the documents and your guidance throughout this process. Honestly the arbitration was intense but this was because of the nature of the matter not the process itself. You have a calming persona which helped settle my nerves. Please could you pass my thanks to your team too, they were just as pleasant as yourself.

Arbitration participant

I received the best advice based on his extensive knowledge of the law. He is extremely detailed. Given the stress that the process puts on you, I only felt okay because I knew Julian was on the case on my behalf.

Client on Julian

Julian has a great knack of deciphering subjective ramblings and putting a very succinct and objective communication together. He takes an extremely pragmatic approach based on case histories, the law, client input and data. To be blunt this is really what I expect from someone knowing their job and interested in their clients. He does a good job of watching the purse as well.

Client on Julian

I just want to say a massive thank you to Julian who did an absolutely amazing job at the court. I am over the moon with the final verdict, I can’t possibly thank you enough, and you cannot imagine how happy I am. This means a lot to me and my children, being able to stay in the family home. I couldn’t have chosen better people to have on my team.

Client on Julian

He is a brilliant negotiator and is great at coming up with bespoke and tailor-made solutions to the most complex cases.

Chambers and Partners

He is an innovative thinker and handles cases very effectively. He tells clients exactly how it is and is focused on the bottom line.

Chambers and Partners

Niche family practice Rayden Solicitors displays ‘a City-firm’s attitude’. Julian Bremner ‘displays excellent knowledge’.

Legal 500