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Form E in divorce cases: Everything you need to know

What is the purpose of a Form E?

Form E is a financial statement which is completed and signed by each party to a divorce when they are exchanging financial disclosure. It is most commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • In advance of the First Appointment in financial remedy court proceedings. The First Appointment is the first court hearing which usually takes place around 3 months after proceedings are issued.
  • When the parties wish to exchange financial disclosure through their solicitors with a view to negotiating a financial settlement.
  • When the parties are in mediation with a view to agreeing a financial settlement

What is included within a Form E?

Form E is a comprehensive document that requires the parties to set out their financial circumstances, with supporting documents.

Details of the following are required to complete Form E:

  • Date of marriage
  • Children of the family
  • Financial resources – details of all properties, bank accounts, investments, liabilities, business assets, income etc.
  • Capital and income needs
  • An indication of the section 25 factors relevant to the case such as contributions and conduct
  • If known, the financial orders sought.

When completing Form E, the parties have an obligation to the court to give full, frank and clear disclosure

Who needs to fill out a Form E?

Both parties to the divorce will need to complete the Form E so that there can be a global understanding as to the asset and income position.

Where can a Form E be obtained?

Your solicitor or mediator will provide you with a blank Form E for completion. Alternatively, you can obtain a copy from the website here

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