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Sunita is a Coach and Mentor for Domestic Abuse Recovery. She created her Phoenix programme after going through a personally difficult 5-year period, coming out on the other side much stronger for all the adversity she had been forced to face. She likened herself to the mythical phoenix bird, a symbol of the power of regeneration, able to heal itself from any wound and even bring itself back to life.

It was during this time that Sunita identified a gap in support for survivors of domestic abuse after they had managed to leave their harmful relationship. Knowing that she had the experience as a life coach and as a survivor, plus the extra skillset that 20+ years in global corporate roles had provided, Sunita was clear that closing this gap was exactly where she needed to be.

Her work ethic, along with her ability to interact and engage with people, especially on a personal level, makes her a trustworthy partner for survivors to recover strongly with, and create the strategic steps towards a happy life post-abuse.

A strong communicator, Sunita coaches and mentors through 1:1 sessions, group workshops, presentations and seminars as well as sharing her knowledge through media touchpoints to raise awareness on domestic violence, abuse and toxic relationships.

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