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Work Life Balance

This week we are focusing on the work life balance.  A timely decision to coincide with National Work Life Week 2019 which runs from 7 – 11 October 2019. The week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well being at work and a manageable work life balance. It is run by Working Families, the UK’s work life balance charity, and the charity’s Scottish arm, Family Friendly Working Scotland.

One of the biggest challenges to the mental health, productivity and happiness of the general population is an increasingly demanding work culture. Increased working hours, technological advances and burgeoning workloads can all have a negative effect on people’s personal lives, including physical and mental health problems, poor relationships and an unhappy home life.

At Rayden Solicitors we aim to provide an excellent work life balance for our staff. We firmly believe that creating a healthy balance between work and personal/family life is absolutely essential when it comes to a happy and productive workforce. It is well known that excessive working hours leads to reductions in productivity. However a flexible workplace where well being is prioritised leads to better employee engagement, motivation and loyalty.

We seek feedback from our colleagues about what would help them balance the challenges of their job and busy lives outside the office, and we always strive to do what we can to make those challenges seem less obvious.  We are firm believers in a flexible working policy and we also take the mental health of our employees very seriously.  We have several trained Mental Health First Aiders who are on hand to assist employees experiencing mental health issues and stress. We continually communicate our commitment to mental health and an appropriate work life balance through our internal initiatives, whether that be a flexible work pattern, the provision of fresh fruit for our staff, team lunches and other social events.

More information on the National Work Life Week initiative can be found here:

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