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Can mediation resolve child arrangement disputes?

Absolutely, yes! Family mediation is a positive forum to try to reach an agreement about any  family law concerns individuals may have.

It can be particularly useful to agree child arrangements.  A mediator will often sit with the couple and a calendar and look at the practical arrangements for their children.  It is useful for separating couples to really focus on what their children would want in terms of how the future would look for their family and for their parents.  It helps to focus parents’ minds in thinking about how they would want their children to look back and remember this difficult time.

Mediation can be a useful tool in diffusing conflict between separating parents when thinking about these arrangements and organising the time that their children spend with each of them.

The mediation forum can also be useful plan for how individuals will actually tell their children that they are separating/divorcing and the mediator will facilitate a discussion in which they can agree as to how they approach the topic in a child-focussed way.

Che is an experience family law solicitor and mediator. Please get in touch if you would like further information about mediation and to find out how mediation might work for you.

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