What is Family mediation?

Family mediation is a voluntary process which helps you and your partner or spouse to agree arrangements for your finances or for your children during or after separation. The role of the Mediator is to meet both parties at the same time and facilitate a discussion in a neutral, compassionate and non-judgemental manner in order to support you in reaching an agreement.

The focus of family mediation is to maintain a healthy dialogue so that both parties have ownership of the decisions affecting their future after they have separated. The focus is very much on the family, and the needs of both the parents and the children of the family. Where appropriate, mediation is always child-focussed.

What is the benefit of mediation?

Mediators are impartial and neutral facilitators. We do not take sides but try to create a non-confrontational atmosphere to encourage a positive dialogue between those involved.

The key to mediation is that the decision making rests with you, the participants. You retain control of your and your children’s futures.

Family mediation cannot be forced on either partner or spouse. This means that each individual can stop the process whenever they choose. It is also confidential unless there is a risk of harm to a child or vulnerable adult. This helps individuals feel at ease with the process. The content of discussions is kept within the mediation sessions and would cannot be used against either party in any subsequent court proceedings. This is known as legal privilege.

Where a financial agreement is reached in mediation, it can and should be put before the court to become legally binding on both parties.

Types of cases to mediate

Family Mediation is suitable for all aspects of family law including the following:

  • Divorce and the financial aspect of your divorce
  • Child arrangements following separation
  • Property concerns relating to unmarried families
  • Nuptial agreements
  • Moving to another country with your children following separation

Why should you come to Rayden Solicitors

Priya Palanivel, a Partner at Rayden, is an experienced family law solicitor and a qualified mediator. As a member of Resolution, Priya is committed to adopting a constructive approach to family cases.

As a practising family solicitor, Priya is also a family law expert, so you can be reassured that your mediator knows the current law, procedure and best practice. Priya will approach your mediation with sensitivity, compassion, neutrality and transparency.

Priya is available to conduct sole mediations and co-mediations at all three of our offices as well as in London. When appropriate, Priya can bring other specialists in to the mediation process – such as accountants, IFAs and therapists – to assist you in reaching an agreement for your family’s future.

Not every case or every party will suit the mediation process. If you would like to explore whether mediation is appropriate for you, or you would like further information about the process, please contact Priya today.

Priya Palanivel:
Jacqui Meeks (Mediation Co-Ordinator):

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