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Working as a full-time Paralegal whilst studying the LPC part-time

As every law student is warned, the LPC is significantly more practical in comparison to our undergraduate LLB Law degrees. Although the heavy workload and busy schedule may seem daunting, I have found that working in a law firm at the same time as studying for the LPC has allowed me to thrive in both areas – my studies are benefitting as is my role as a paralegal.

I decided to study the LPC part-time on weekends whilst working full-time as a paralegal at Rayden Solicitors. This means that my LPC shall take 24 months to complete, as opposed to the 9-month full-time LPC. Whilst this may seem like a longer route to qualification, I am certain this route has been extremely beneficial to my career thus far. The LPC studies become a lot easier when you have a working knowledge in comparison to learning through lectures and seminars.

Not to forget, working whilst studying for the LPC also provides support for funding our studies. Students often dread the fees we incur as part of our studies, however studying the LPC part-time allows for payments to be spread out into smaller payments, becoming more manageable.

It is not a secret that completing the LPC whilst working full-time as a paralegal is challenging but the firm has supported me on this journey. It is important to take time to look after all aspects of your health, both physical and mental during a busy two years; whether that be a form of fitness, or simply spending time doing something you enjoy.

Ultimately, although completing the LPC is not an easy task, Rayden Solicitors have provided me with the support and their patience which is allowing me to succeed in my LPC studies and excel in my journey to qualification. I would highly recommend that any aspiring solicitors do consider studying their part-time LPC whilst working in a law firm if that suits their particular circumstances.

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