What to do about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be an especially difficult day if you have recently separated. Whether it is your weekend with the kids or you are home alone, here are some tips for making the day a little better.

  • Remember it’s just ONE day:

There are going to a number of “firsts” that you are about to encounter, whether it is the first time you don’t see your child on their birthday, your first summer holiday as a single parent or even your first “date”. It’s time to have a “half-full” view rather than “half-empty” and try to see these landmarks as the beginning of a new phase.

  • Make it all about the kids:

If Valentine’s day is about love, then why not use this as an opportunity to show them you care – in this age of high tech and computer games, a card through the post from you, reminding them you love them and are looking forward to a fun half- term/ weekend would be a lovely surprise.

  • Don’t stew at home:

It’s all too easy to feel sorry for yourself, but there are others out there. Go to the pub, the gym, the rugby club or even go for a run. Plan ahead so that you know what you’ll be doing in advance

  • Avoid romantic places:

Don’t rub it in! Help yourself and avoid the fancy restaurants and love story films. The last thing you need is to be surrounded by couples.

Remember Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so celebrate with those people in your life that you love and that are always going to be there for you, your friends, family and kids. They will know it’s a difficult time and will be only too willing to provide support.

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