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You might have read, on the BBC website, that the Competition & Markets Authority (“CMA”) is investigating the plethora of “el-cheapo” online divorce services that have sprung up recently.

One of the things that the Government has been keen on doing is making some services, such as a divorce, more accessible and less expensive.  As part of the new approach to divorce – which did away with any type of fault based petition – it is now fairly easy for parties themselves to log on to the online portal and process their divorce.  This is, of course, a benefit to everyone.

However, the CMA has discovered that, unfortunately, some organisations – who are not law firms and therefore do not have any of the protections that solicitors automatically provide their clients – have been acting in an unclear way, particularly as to pricing and process, leading to inadequate service and, in some cases, the wrong form being used meaning the parties did not get the divorce that they were looking for.  Similar issues have been raised as to Will writing services.

Whilst these non-regulated so called ‘cost efficient’ options are available, they do have their own hidden price; being, that you have no way of knowing the qualifications and professionalism of the person you are dealing with and it may very well be the case that they are not in a position to provide you with the true guidance and support that you need.  So whilst they may purport to be cost effective, you really do get what you pay for, and you need to think about that consideration when it comes to something as important as your divorce (or indeed a Will).

If you have a law firm and a solicitor acting for you, there are a raft of protections that you will automatically enjoy.  You will be getting advice from an expert.  You will be getting a service that is extremely well regulated providing you with every possible protection and redress if, in the unlikely event, something goes wrong, you will be assisted.

At Raydens we pride ourselves on our team approach.  That team approach means that we have excellent paralegals, trainees and junior solicitors who are able to help you with such things as an online divorce, ensuring that you not only get it right, but also ensuring that you do so with an extremely cost efficient approach whilst not scrimping at all on the protection that advice provides you.

One final point – all the divorce really does is give you the right to remarry.  You may still be financially tied to your former partner.   A solicitor at Raydens can advise you best as to how to arrange financial settlements and help you with any issues with parental disputes so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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