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Helping you to manage your costs

At Rayden Solicitors, we take a clear approach to our pricing. After your first meeting we provide a cost estimate and every month we provide an update on what needs to happen the next month and the likely costs for that work. You will also receive a fully itemised invoice every month so that you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Our solicitors will also discuss with you a range of payment options to help you plan and manage your costs.

A cost effective team approach

At Rayden Solicitors, clients benefit from our innovative team approach. This allows the appropriate allocation of the right legal resource to your case at every stage, with a Partner overseeing the strategy.

This means that you will not be charged a single hourly rate but will benefit from a cascading hourly rate of costs, which makes us extremely competitive.

How we charge

Solicitors’ bills are calculated on the basis of time taken in a particular matter and lawyers are charged out at an hourly rate. Short letters received or written are charged as a tenth of the lawyer’s hourly rate and short telephone calls are charged in the same way. Longer letters or telephone calls which take longer than six minutes to be dealt with are charged in accordance with the time taken to deal with them.

If there is an unusual amount of photocopying a charge of 20p a sheet will be made.

All bills are payable on presentation. Please bear in mind our payment terms as failure to pay on time may result in us being unable to continue to assist you with your matter.

Our hourly rates of charge do not include VAT. Please inform your solicitor if you are VAT exempt.

It is important to recognise that the outcome of your matter will make no difference to your final bill.

Monies on account

When you instruct us to act for you, we will ask for monies on account of costs. This means paying money up front which enables us to start work on your case, and can be used to cover any external charges such as court fees, expert’s fees and any other expenses paid on your behalf.

We may also ask for additional monies on account during the case and your solicitor will explain this clearly to you at each stage.

In the interim, any such monies paid will be held in our client account and may earn interest for you. It is important to note that these monies may be used for payment of outstanding bills. You will then be required to provide further monies on account. You will receive a full account of all the payments you have made each month.

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