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Rayden Solicitors is a specialist family practice. Our family lawyers practise family law exclusively.


Katherine Rayden
“She is a cut above everyone she acts against. She is the one who sets the standard of performance in the firm.”

Julian Bremner
“Julian has a great knack of deciphering subjective ramblings and putting a very succinct and objective communication together. He takes an extremely pragmatic approach based on case histories, the law, client input and data.”
Paula Butterworth
Paula Butterworth
“Paula has been supportive, given incisive, strategic advice and responded quickly and efficiently to my needs. Her professionalism and her ability to put me at ease is refreshing and welcoming.”
Emily Watson
“Emily is a star and simply wonderful to deal with! She is direct, succinct, highly professional, organised, crystal clear and very efficient. She is absolutely brilliant and it is a complete pleasure to work with her!.”
Priya Palanivel
Client on Priya – “I would like to say a huge thank you for your professional understanding on this very sensitive matter. For giving me your professional knowledge in this area and advising me correctly and promptly. For the first time I felt I had support in the legal system.”

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Fee earners may be contacted directly or for enquiries please contact our St Albans office, Berkhamsted office or Beaconsfield office.