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The service provided by Rayden Solicitors was excellent. The advice given was clear and practical and I felt that the solicitor involved in my case genuinely cared about achieving the best outcome for my family


Katherine is tough but at the same time collaborative and sensible in her style… an excellent lawyer who has an enormous wealth of experience in high net worth and substantial assets cases.
Client on Katherine Rayden


Julian has a great knack of deciphering subjective ramblings and putting a very succinct and objective communication together. He takes an extremely pragmatic approach based on case histories, the law, client input and data. To be blunt this is really what I expect from someone knowing their job and interested in their clients. He does a good job of watching the purse as well.
Client on Julian Bremner

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My case is complex and incorporates both matrimonial and company elements, with a recent transfer to the High Court. Paula has been supportive, given me incisive, strategic advice and responded quickly and efficiently to my needs. Her professionalism and ability to put me at ease is refreshing and welcoming. Her ability to remain a consummate professional at all times enables me to be comforted during difficult periods.
Client on Paula Butterworth

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Emily Watson

Consulting Rayden Solicitors was the best decision I ever made when I needed sensible legal support during an international marriage break up. Mine was a particularly difficult case and Emily Watson treated me with sensitivity but with the strength I needed to win my case. I can never thank them enough, their legal advice was tremendous.
Client on Emily Watson

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May I also take this opportunity to thank you for the manner in which you have handled this whole matter and your professionalism in what could have been a very difficult and testing time, you have made it all as easy as possible.
Client on Jennifer Moore

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Thank you Lehna for your commitment, excellent legal advice, attention to detail, support and kindness. This helped to build my confidence and empower me.
Client on Lehna Hewitt

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I would like to say a huge thank you for your professional understanding on this very sensitive matter. For giving me your professional knowledge in this area and advising me correctly and promptly. For the first time I felt I had support in the legal system.
Client on Priya Palanivel

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Katie Chew was a pleasure to work with, her approach to my legal issues was extremely professional, thorough whilst remaining friendly and approachable throughout. I had total confidence in her advice.
Client on Katie Chew

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Thanks so much for all your help and guidance throughout one of the worst times of my life, I appreciate it greatly.
Client on Nicola Meldrum

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I want to let you know that Che was great yesterday. His calm manner was very reassuring and he was very understanding and supportive yet professional.
Client on Che Meakins


I just wanted to say thank you so much to you, [and the barristers] for all your hard work. I thought we had a great result on Friday!
Client on Rachel Nicholl

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