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National Mediation Week – Building a More Collaborative Future For Your Family

Family Mediation Week is taking place from 18 to 22 January 2021. It aims to raise awareness of mediation and how it can help separating families manage their issues collaboratively and productively.

Family mediation is a voluntary process which helps you and your partner or spouse to agree arrangements for your finances or for your children during or after separation. The mediator meets with both parties at the same time and facilitates discussions in an impartial and non-judgemental manner.

The focus of family mediation is to promote and maintain a positive dialogue so that both parties have control over the decisions affecting their future after they have separated.

The emphasis of mediation is very much on the family as a whole, and the needs of both the parents and the children of the family.

Whilst mediation is not suitable in every case, it can be a very effective and constructive way of resolving family issues because the focus is on finding solutions and building a future for the family after separation. Rather than working against each other, the parties work with each other, and adopt a more collaborative approach than they would in court proceedings.

This is where mediation has some similarities with collaborative law, which is another effective non-court option. As part of the collaborative process, each party retains their solicitor, but instead of solicitors corresponding on the issues that arise, both parties come together with their legal representatives, meeting face-to-face to negotiate and discuss the issues. The ultimate aim is to reach an agreement around the table, finding a solution that is tailored to the individual needs of the couple. Collaborative law offers the flexibility to find solutions that a court could not explore or achieve.

We have both trained mediators and collaborative lawyers at Rayden Solicitors. We will be able to help you make a decision and then guide you through the process.

For mediation, please contact Che Meakins our experienced family law solicitor and qualified mediator. If you would like to discuss the collaborative process further, please contact Paula Butterworth, Lehna Gardiner or Marc Etherington.

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