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Are you and your husband/ wife/ partner in it for the long run?

Last Christmas the Press reported that it was anticipated Divorce enquiries would rise more than 300% in January.

There is a body of statistics that confirms many couples stay together for the Christmas holidays, often for their children, and will then take steps to go their separate ways in the New Year.

The Christmas holiday period can come with its own stresses and pressures. It is often a time of huge (unaffordable) expense to many families; a time that sees couples spending a large amount of time together in stressful situations, sometimes feeling like they have little room to breathe; and of course the dreaded family politics. Those couple of weeks can leave you feeling that you have little or no time for you, to relax. These factors inevitably impact on relationships – usually they make things harder.

What can you do? It seems you should consider lacing up your trainers, putting on your swimsuit or getting out your tracksuit and heading for a run, a walk, to the pool or the gym, as research shows that couples who work out together are more likely to stay together.

Psychology today have found that couples that sweat together stay together; they have referred to a number of studies to substantiate their findings, which are that exercising together can:-

  1. Increase your happiness with your relationship

Studies show that couples doing an exciting physical challenge feel more satisfied with their relationships and, according to the research, more in love with their partner. And sharing goals, such as couch to 5K, can improve how you both feel about your relationship.

2. Make your partner fall in love with you

Working out can produce symptoms of physiological arousal such as a racing pulse and shortness of breath. The same things can happen when there is a romantic attraction; Psychology Today says to use this to your advantage; the result will be a likely boost in your attractiveness in the eyes of your partner.

3. Increase your emotional bond with your partner

Running at the same pace or doing resistance exercise in pairs, for example, may put you on the same wave length in other ways; it will help you become attuned to your partner, and create a connection.

So, when the pressure is building, maybe consider a workout with your other half: the science says it could give you and your relationship a new lease of life, so why not do it this side of 25 December?

No two relationships are the same, and each will have its own unique cycles of ups and downs. There are no quick fixes, and it isn’t one size fits all. There may be something in #sweattogetherstaytogether, there may not be, but either way, there isn’t much to lose by going for a short jog – especially if it gets you out of the house and gives you a break from the Christmas mayhem.

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