10 Top Tips For Keeping Your Costs Down

Please note the information and opinions provided are for information purposes only. They are not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice, and should not be relied on or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular or individual circumstances.

  1. Be proactive in your own case.
    You can reduce your legal costs by promptly completing “the homework” suggested by your Solicitor. The fuller and more detailed the work you do, the more cost-effective we can be on your behalf;
  2. Keep us in the loop.
    We provide a strategy for you based on what we know of your facts and circumstances. If those facts and circumstances change, the strategy we are pursuing may not be the best way forward;
  3. One important task is completing your Form E, the financial disclosure document. A lot of this work can be undertaken by you by following our guide to completing Form E and by requesting yourself, wherever possible, the documentation you need from the third parties holding them (such as pension providers or your bank);
  4. Consider how best to relay information to us.
    Rather than sending separate emails over a couple of days, collate the information and send it in one email. Emails and letters are charged individually, irrespective of length, and in this way you can ensure that you are charged once rather than several times simply by managing carefully how and when you provide information to us;
  5. Whilst we are happy to discuss your case with you at any time, if we need to repeat advice that we have already provided on the telephone, in correspondence, this will increase your costs;
  6. We think it is best practice to provide you with draft correspondence for you to approve and to discuss amendments. We will charge you for discussing these amendments, particularly if they are controversial or we have previously advised you to take a certain course of action; so try to keep your amendments limited to those you consider strictly necessary;
  7. Like most Solicitors, we charge on a time basis. Your costs can be unnecessarily increased if you ask us to incur time on the same issue by contacting us repeatedly when we have previously advised in full;
  8. If we request a response by email or telephone call, it will reduce your costs if you are able to respond promptly or have in mind what you wish to discuss with us.
  9. An expensive and labour intensive part of your case will be preparing a statement on your behalf for final hearing. We will invite you to prepare a first draft and the fuller and more detailed you can make that first draft the less time we will need to spend working on further drafts. If you do not engage with the drafting process in the first instance it means we need to create the document from scratch and prompt you to provide us with the information we need. Clearly you know your situation better than we do and it is most cost effective for you to prepare this initially;
  10. Be clear about what it is you want to achieve.
    If we advise you that your aspirations are unlikely to meet with success then adjusting your expectations in light of our advice means we can work more efficiently and cost effectively going forward.

Of course, we are always more than happy to spend as much time with you as you would like as long as you are aware of the potential cost consequences of doing so.

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